Other conspicuous international design prizes:


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Annual Reports PrizeAnnual PrizeCalendar PrizeGala Prize
Graphic PrizeProduct PrizeJournal PrizeInspiration Prize
Dezain Sho PrizeAdvertisement PrizeCompetitions PrizeInspirations Prize
Esign PrizeUser Interface PrizeWebsite PrizeFood Products Prize
Hotel PrizeOrganic Products PrizeSound PrizeTalent Prize
Technical Drawing PrizeToys PrizeYoung PrizeYachts and Sailors Prize
Sparkling Idea PrizeEuropean PrizeCouncil of Creativity PrizeRetail Prize
Designers PrizeLiterature PrizeConference PrizeTop Architects Prize
Entertainment Products PrizeTrophy PrizeRed Goods PrizeFunctional Furniture Prize
Artificial Intelligence Applications PrizeArchitectural PrizeDifferently Abled PrizeGovernance Prize
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